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Panasonic Joba EU7805

JOBA 7805 Panasonic Core Trainer

JOBA Core Trainer

We have a replacement for the Panasonic Core Trainer available. Our Core Trainer Advanced is developed for rehabilitation use. 

Enjoy horse riding at home

Typically used for handicapped children, where horse riding is advised by physiotherapists to increase core strength.

Lemco has many years of experience in these horse riding machines.

Contact us for an alternative to the JOBA Horse Riding Machine from Panasonic

The new horse riding Machine LEMCO CORE TRAINER is tough enough for all day usage.

LEMCO Core Trainer Advanced – Hippotherapy

 3.346,00 incl. VAT
Electric Core Trainer / horse riding machine / simulator for anyone who needs to strengthen the muscles of the upper body due to accident or, for example, Congenital disabilities. Many people with functional impairments use hippo therapy for disabled once a week. In this case you can exercise every day – several times, and this at home independent of the day of the week. A Horse Riding Machine can stimulate balance, and through daily exercises, the machine strengthens the upper body using the effective ride movements. Thus, Horse Riding Simulator is often a good addition to physiotherapy. Note: Max 100 kg user weight. Please Contact us for testing. Contact US


If you doubt our exerciser will work with your wheelchair or disease ?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help with advice +45 3325 4002

Carsten-Lemche ceo lemco

About Carsten Lemche

CEO og Opfinder af LEMCO Combi Bike Plus, sengecykel m.v.Jeg har arbejdet med træning og hjælpemidler siden 1985. Jeg er fascineret af hvor meget jeg kan ændre et menneskes liv, ved at give mulighed for at træne i fysioterapi eller i eget hjem. Jeg bruger meget tid på at forstå mine kunders behov, og arbejder hver dag for at udvikle og producere de bedste løsninger til mennesker i kørestol, og meget dårlig gående. Det vil glæde mig også at hjælpe dig.

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