Exerciser for use from wheelchair leg exercises

Exerciser for use from wheelchair

Even people with paraplegic legs can benefit from our exerciser

World Class Exercisers for disabled

Exercise bikes for Wheelchair users and disabled

We design, develops and manufactures and sells mobility trainers for people in wheelchair and people with disabilities

Exerciser for wheelchair – LEMCO Combi Bike Plus

 2.646,00 2.960,13 incl. VAT
Lemco Combi Bike Plus, is by far the best exercise bike for use from a wheelchair/chair. The exerciser assists in a more satisfying rehabilitation both in physiotherapies and at home. The exercise bike is often used, by the following.
  • Nursing homes
  • Communities
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Interim rehabilitation centers
  • Private, as additional exercise possibility for maintenance physiotherapy
Danish Design Ensures that it fits well in both therapies and nursing homes. Cheerful colors send an optimistic message of vitality and prosperity. Safety in use and operation is designed from the beginning and durable design NOTE: Introductory price. Save 400 Euro ! (Proudly hand built in Helsingør, Denmark) Danish developed welfare technology that contributes to Danish welfare. Denmark is a world known top performer in the area of welfare technology. The leading position is stated with our fantastic bike.

BedBike for Hospital beds

 1.715,00 incl. VAT
The BedBike for hospital beds is developed and manufactured in Denmark. Sometimes people call our Bed Bike – Bed Cycle – feel free to choose a name 🙂 We have decided that BedBike is a good name for a bike that is useable in or from a hospital bed.

B´fit mini Quality Pedal Exerciser – Best pedal exerciser !

 343,00 incl. VAT
Best pedal exerciser with special pedals with heel support that ensures the feet stays on the pedals while exercising. Magnetic quality resistance ensures smooth movement of the pedals.

LEMCO Core Trainer Advanced – Hippotherapy

 3.346,00 incl. VAT
Electric Core Trainer / horse riding machine / simulator for anyone who needs to strengthen the muscles of the upper body due to accident or, for example, Congenital disabilities. Many people with functional impairments use hippo therapy for disabled once a week. In this case you can exercise every day – several times, and this at home independent of the day of the week. A Horse Riding Machine can stimulate balance, and through daily exercises, the machine strengthens the upper body using the effective ride movements. Thus, Horse Riding Simulator is often a good addition to physiotherapy. Note: Max 100 kg user weight. Please Contact us for testing. Contact US
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