JOBA Frequently Asked Questions

Joba Core Trainer rehabilitation

JOBA Frequently Asked Questions

A few of our customers are not sure what JOBA can do for them. Please find previous answers below, and be assured that we can help you.

What makes the Panasonic Core Trainer such an effective workout?

Using our Counter-Balance exercise technology, the Core Trainer engages the thigh, back, abdominal and other core muscles, for no-stress/low impact strength training that yields high-impact results.

It works by constantly moving you off your center of balance, forcing you to use core muscles to rebalance.

The Panasonic Core Trainer tones and strengthens your abdominal, back and leg muscles and helps build core stability and balance all in one sitting of only 15 minutes a day.

It’s the only machine of its kind that can actually mobilize and stabilize the core muscles, increase range-of-motion and flexibility, as well as loosen hip joints and add fluidity to your pelvic muscles. It’s also helpful in alleviating back pain.

Who can benefit most from using it ?

Everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, can benefit from the Panasonic Core Trainer. The Core Trainer delivers a workout from gentle to intense and provides great flexibility in customizing workouts for beginners and others with exercise limitations as well as serious athletes.

Research shows that building up muscle strength helps with the absorption of insulin, thereby greatly benefiting people who have diabetes.

How can I add an aerobic element to my workout ?

By changing the tilt, increasing speed and/or adding movements, such as, feet in and out of stirrups, upper body aerobics with or without weights will increase the demands on specific muscles, thereby allowing you to create a tailored cardio/core strength workout all on one piece of equipment.

Adding weights also increases the intensity of the core workout as well.

Is it difficult to use ? What does it feel like ?

A workout doesn’t always have to be painful to be effective.

The Panasonic Core Trainer’s smooth, not jarring movement feels a little like riding a horse. Its variable speeds and 3 program modes allow users to work all the core muscles equally all while enjoying the ride. Little to no motivation required for a basic workout.

Proper positioning for riding the Core Trainer is simple. Just sit up straight with a tall back, keeping your shoulders and hips aligned.

Start with your feet in the stirrups, pushing down gently with the heels as you move forward and back while gripping the saddle with your inner thighs. That’s all there is to it!

Is it noisy when operating?

No. The Core Trainer’s quiet operation makes it easy to watch TV, listen to music or talk while working out, without disturbing others in the room.

JOBA is discontinued, Please take a look at our New Core Trainer Advanced

The Core Trainer is made for LEMCO Rehab & Fysio as per our specifications and knowledge from hundreds of customers with JOBA Core Trainer. The Electronic Horse Riding Machine is made by a large South Korean manufacturer as per our specifications.


About Carsten Lemche

CEO og Opfinder af LEMCO Combi Bike Plus, sengecykel m.v.Jeg har arbejdet med træning og hjælpemidler siden 1985. Jeg er fascineret af hvor meget jeg kan ændre et menneskes liv, ved at give mulighed for at træne i fysioterapi eller i eget hjem. Jeg bruger meget tid på at forstå mine kunders behov, og arbejder hver dag for at udvikle og producere de bedste løsninger til mennesker i kørestol, og meget dårlig gående. Det vil glæde mig også at hjælpe dig.

5 thoughts on “JOBA Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Abraham Cohen says:

    Avez vous les appareil d occation

    1. Cher Mr. Cohen,

      Les appareils JOBA de Panasonic ont été épuisées depuis des années. Nous nous excusons.

      Contactez nous si vous voulez être informé quel est la difference de la notre et JOBA de Panasonic…

      Bien Cordialement

      LEMCHE Carsten

  2. Nancy Kittleson says:

    I have an older Panasonic Core Trainer EU6441A that was just given to me. It is however missing a power cord ands I am trying to locate one. It seems to not be made anymore. Wondering if by chance the power cord for your machine is compatible for this one and if so, is it purchasable? Thank you.

    1. Dear Nancy,

      Thank you for your enquiry. You should be able to use any computer cable for it. ( To the power supply from the wall ) I have of course a cable, but I am sure you have a neighbour or a youngster that has one that they don’t use..

      If you dont succeed, I would love to send you one, but they are usually all over.

      The JOBA however is a great way of exercising, good luck !

      Best regards

      Carsten Lemche

    2. Iveta Petrovická says:

      Hello Nancy,

      Can you advice where is possible to order Panasonic Joba horse ? I am looking for it long time.
      Europe location.

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