World Class Quality for Hospital and home use

Exerciser for Wheelchair use

Increase stamina by exercising from chair or wheelchair.
Exerciser for use from wheelchair leg exercises
Combi Bike Plus exerciser for wheelchair

Lemco Combi Bike Plus

The new way of exercising for people in wheelchairs and people with mobility impairment. World Class Quality for people with mobility challenges due to disease or accidents.
Use Exercising from wheelchair or chair
Goal Exercise and wellbeing
Size (HxWxL)  110cm x 50cm x 110cm
Weight 38 kg
Active-passive exerciser for wheelchair use

Easy and very useful exerciser

Lemco Combi Bike Plus is extremely easy to use. It outperforms all exercisers with motor that often costs 3x the price. Our BEAT Technology ensures smooth movement even when paralysed / amputated.

Exerciser for use from a wheelchair

Lemco Combi Bike Plus, is the best exercise bike for use from a wheelchair/chair.

The Bike assists in a more satisfying rehabilitation both in physiotherapies and at home.

The exercise bike is used with great benefit, by the following.

  • Nursing home
  • Community
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Interim rehabilitation
  • Private, as additional exercise for maintenance physiotherapy

Danish Design Ensures that it fits well in both therapies and nursing homes.

Cheerful colors send an optimistic message of vitality and prosperity.

Safety in use and operation is designed from the beginning and durable design

NOTE: Introductory price. Save 400 Euro !
(We hand-build the exercise bikes for quick dispatch in Helsingør)

Danish developed welfare technology that contributes to Danish welfare Denmark has a unique position in the market for welfare technology, it cemented here with our fantastic bike.

Mobility exerciser for disabled

Please contact us to know how well this will work for you. 30 years of experience enables us to evaluate if this will work for you, typically with a simple phonecall / facetime / skype session will ensure you get an exerciser that works for you.

The exerciser is stable and in 99% of the cases it substitutes electrical exercisers at 3X the price, which are not as effective. Our BEAT Technology ensures that 99% of people in wheelchair / paraplegics can use our exerciser for daily strengthening their body.

Learning time: 3 to 5 seconds

Our exerciser is developed with the user in mind. Easy to use, no programming and a smooth movement due to our BEAT Technology.

Many benefits from exercising at home. You can exercise much more, before you sleep, early in the morning to start the day. No need to drive to outside rehabilitation location, which takes up important energy from daily living.

The exerciser is our third generation and is optimized during the last many years. It is reliable for both home and professional use. The exerciser is suitable for nursing homes, elderly care, senior living and wherever the body needs to me exercised, where traditional exercisers with a saddle does not fit in.

Replaces exercisers with a motor

The exerciser itself looks simple. Easy to use, even by people with severe brain injuries. The quick learning curve is appreciated by users and care givers.

The movement of the pedals and arms feels smooth and cannot be compared to traditional exercisers with or without motor, where every turn reminds the user that he / her has a paralyzed limb.

In care homes exercise bikes are often left unused, where our exerciser is used very frequently and asked by the inhabitants. The users are often queuing up to exercise – because it feels good !

A good investment

Investing in an exerciser which enables you to exercise daily helps you on both short and long term. Do not consider it as an expense but consider it as a way to increase your quality of life.

The body has great benefit from daily exercise. The joints are kept active, the digestion is activated, the blood circulation is increased, the risk of blood clots in the legs due to inactivity is reduced. The need for compression stocking is reduced / eliminated and the vein pump is naturally stimulated.

Positive design signals prosperity

The Beech leaves on the sides signal life and prosperity

Our decoration choices are optimistic and give the mood of vitality and hope.

Other graphics can be developed On demand.

Defacto Standard

Hundreds of daily users in Care homes and rehabilitation centers cannot be wrong.

If you see something that looks the same at a lower or higher price – I will personally assure you that is not the case. We manufacture a world class exerciser at an attractive price – without the costly price as other exercisers – because you can purchase directly from the experts and the manufacturer we can ensure the best possible price and the best possible service. (World Wide Delivery)

If you don’t trust us, please send us an email with the product you are thinking of purchasing, and I will be happy to tell you the difference. When you try ours, you are convinced.

How would you like to be convinced?
Within a few seconds of use you will see the smile on the users face when they realise that they can exercise and do something good for their body.

It is very difficult to exercise enough for the injured patient. Our exerciser is used in many hospitals in Scandinavia and europe with great benefit from both patients, caregivers, nurses and doctors.

Choosing a LEMCO Combi Bike Plus is the sure path to success, and our commitment ensures you further than any other guarantees in the industry.

Exerciser for use from wheelchair leg exercises