Lemco Combi Bike Plus

Lemco Combi Bike Plus

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Lemco Combi Bike Plus, is the best exercise bike for use from a wheelchair/chair.

The Bike assists in a more satisfying rehabilitation both in physiotherapies and at home.

The exercise bike is used, by the following.

  • Nursing home
  • Community
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Interim rehabilitation
  • Private, as additional exercise for maintenance physiotherapy

Danish Design Ensures that it fits well in both therapies and nursing homes.

Cheerful colors send an optimistic message of vitality and prosperity.

Safety in use and operation is designed from the beginning and durable design

NOTE: Introductory price. Save 400 Euro !
(We hand-build the exercise bikes in Helsingør)

Danish developed welfare technology that contributes to Danish welfare Denmark has a unique position in the market for welfare technology, it cemented here with our fantastic bike.


Bed exerciser for hospital beds-World class exercise bike for use in hospitals and elderly homes

BEAT Technology ensures smooth motion-Even without a motor!

Our UNIQUE BEAT technology designed for the bike ensures that the force placed in the bike is released to the user at the exact time the user needs assistance in order to be able to get a smooth rotating and satisfying movement.

The Exercise bike is suitable for amputees, paraplegics, wheelchair users, the elderly, rehabilitation, maintenance training and people with paralysis the Bicycle can also be used with high yields if you are completely paralyzed in the legs, due to our BEAT Technology

Combi Bike Exercise Bike for wheelchair

99% Success rate for wheelchair users

The Bike is the ideal replacement for expensive and inefficient passive training exercisers with motor – and more efficient!

Many therapists and users who have trained with bikes with motor during rehabilitation are surprised to be able to train more efficiently and at a much lower price with our bike.

At the same time, users are particularly pleased with this option rather than the motor, which deprives the user of initiative and self-determination.

Many therapists do not understand that it is not the other way around and thinks that our bike should be expensive one. We also have our “competitors” products in our showroom, where customers can try the difference, we have no doubt as to which one is chosen.

Combi Bike Plus

The Bike is designed to last for many years.

We have chosen the best materials and SKF bearings in the bike, ensuring that the bike works smoothly for many years. Our design goal is as with “good washing machines” approx. 20,000 hours, which is about 6 hours daily, 365 days a year for 10 years. And even after 10 years, the bike can be renovated and run on for many more years.

The Indoor exercise bike is therefore suitable for use in institutions, nursing homes, residential communities, hospitals etc.

Operation of the Exercise Bike

Thoughtful operation that can be used by everyone.

The Operation is logical and includes magnetic resistance from 0 to 9 and a rotational lock, both functions assembled in one easy-to-understand handle.

The Handle can be operated by the therapist/Helper standing – without the need to bend over the user or interfere with the user’s intimate zone.

The Operation does not require gripping function, and can be switched with a slight push, up or down.

The position of the Handle shows the therapist resistance level-also from distance !

Exercise Bike for Wheelchairs

The Beech leaves on the sides signal life and prosperity

Our decoration choices are optimistic and give the mood of vitality and hope.

Other graphics can be developed On demand.

Display Combi Bike Fitness Bike for handicap

Viewing-friendly display with large numbers

Our display is specially designed for the bike.

The large numbers are easy to read, the numbers appear ergonomically correct for the user and allow you to watch TV while exercising as the bike is completely silent…

Display with large, easy-to-read

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Total km exercised

The Display automatically changes during training, avoiding the need to use your hands during exercise.

Display Exercise Bike disabled 1 button

Display with one button

A single button on the display protects against misunderstandings, confusion and errors. The Display is built into the bike, providing a clear view for example. TV or our Video Rehab Activity videos

Combi Bike Plus Feet.

Special feet stand firmly on the floor

Stable rubber feet specially developed for the bike, the feet are developed so that they do not color the floor ex. Wood flooring

Exercise Bike for Wheelchairs

Velcro for feet as option

A button on the display protects against misunderstandings, confusion. The Display is built into the bike, providing a clear view to e.g. TV or our Video Rehab Activity videos

Bicycle Bike Lever

Handle with three grip options

The well working and well-functioning handles allow for a total of three different grips.

The handles can be disinfected with disinfectants.

Exercise Bike for wheelchair

Optimized for wheelchair use

The Design of the bike is optimized for fixed frame wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs

The Training bike is designed so you can get up close, even with fixed frame wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs.

Combi Bike Pedal

Leg Supports usually unnecessary

The thoughtful design ensures that only about 1/100 must use leg supports. If the legs tend to turn inward, they can slip on the smooth surface, thereby avoiding crossing each other.

Due to the small number of people having this need, these are an accessory for the bike.

Fitness Bike for Handicap

Delivered assembled worldwide, ready to use

  • The Bikes delivered fully assembled so assembly is unnecessary… Just a EURO pallet, that can be reused, no environmentally heavy and expensive packaging, we have used the development money on features, quality and design not on packaging and wrapping.
  • You support Danish crafts, it is the absolute safest and best training bike for active wheelchair users in the world
  • Developed in Denmark
  • Produced in Denmark
  • Sold exclusively by LEMCO Rehab & Fysio, who is also a producer.

Additional information

Weight35 kg
Dimensions120 × 80 × 120 cm
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