Increase stamina while staying at the hospital
Sengecykel til hospitalsseng

BedBike for hospitalbeds and carebeds

The grounbreaking design ensures it can be used with many bed-ends. Ease of use and portability has been in focus during the development.
Use Hospital and CareBeds
Benefits Prevent muscle loss while staying in a hospital bed for short or longtime.
Størrelse 50 x 50 x 50 cm
Vægt 9,3 kg
Pédalier pour Dialyse

Easy to use

LEMCO BedBIke is extremely user friendly and can be moved to the patient bed when needed. Only 9.3 kg.

BedBike from LEMCO

Groundbreaking exerciser for hospitalbeds which is developed and manufactured in Denmark.

The unique design ensures it can be used with many bed-ends on hospital beds, and care beds.

BedBike for hospitalbeds

Contact us for information about our groundbreaking bed Bike and let’s find a way for you to evaluate the benefits in your hospital.

The BedBike is designed to be used with a lot of different bed-ends. The exerciser also fit most dialysis chairs and carebeds with wooden frames.

The BedBike is easy to use

The BedBike helps, so you can return stronger to your home / care home, because you can gain strength while being in the hospital in an easy and affordable way.

Handy for the nurses

User-friendliness and easyness for both nurses and patients is a must for exercising in bed to become a success at the ward.

Testet at nurses

Project: Bike in bed and return quicker to your own home. An ongoing project in Denmark trying to prove how much faster patients with pneumonia can return at home if they are exercising while at the hospital. Just one day saved at the hospital pays almost for the exerciser.

Four exercisers are purchased for this project, started in fall 2019 and expected to finish with results in 2023

Enjoyable look enlightens the wards

The positive danish Design is easy to spot. The beech leaves on the sides signals spring, vitality and hope. An extremely well functioning exerciser that is made specifically for hospital beds.

Five resistance leves combined with the ingenious magnetic resistance technology we developed for this bike, makes this bike the World Best bed cycle / bed Exerciser.

The exerciser can be used with the majority of dialysischairs

The design enables patients in dialysischairs to pedal as well. There are a lot of different models of dialysis chairs, it is always advised to test the exerciser on the actual chair – and contact the manufacturer for advice.

How would you like to be convinced ?
14 Days return possibility (WorldWide)
We are very interested that you get the right exerciser for your need. As we are the only manufacturer of these bikes – we are not worried that you purchase somewhere else.

For that reason we will be happy to guide you with our experience and knowledge in the area. We have 8 years of experience with exercisers for use in hospitalbeds.

BedBike / BedCycle for hospitalbeds