Lemco Combi Bike Plus indoor exerciser / Ergometer bike for wheelchair

Pedalier Entraineur terapeutique

Danish Fitness bike / World Class fitness bike for wheelchair!

Unique smooth and effective motion, ensures daily use for wheelchair users and disabled.

Compared to traditional exercisers, our LEMCO COMBI BIKE PLUS is revolutionary.

The built-in BEAT Technology ensures smooth movement and you don’t get stuck in your cicular movement, even if you can’t take a step.

BEAT Technology inside is a brilliant design that ensures that the exercising runs smoothly as on exercise bikes with auxiliary motor, even if you:

  • Are a paraplegic,
    • And therefore do not have the power of the legs
  • Has incomplete paraplegia
    • Works even for complete paraplegic
  • Is Quadroplegic
    • And has injuries on both legs and hands, making it almost impossible to use the motorized exercisers.
      • The handles are designed with three different grips, and ergonomically properly crafted.
      • However, the Training requires that you have minimal strength in the shoulders and arms, as there is no built-in motor.
  • Is Incomplete Quadriplegic
    • And has injuries to the hands and legs
  • Is hemiplegic
    • A paretic arm often has the pleasure of the repetitive movements possible with the LEMCO COMBI BIKE PLUS (speak to your physiotherapist about this)
    • Feet and legs are moved around at a satisfying and comfortable pace, even with resistance. With the bike not having a fixed hub, the feet are helped by the “Dead Point”, which makes many who are unable to use regular exercise cycles.

The sliding movements and the many repetitions helps many people with spasm to be able to:

  • Sleep Better
  • Reduce Leg Agitation
  • Have fewer spasms
  • Reduce Spasm depressants
  • Better Bowel function
  • Warm legs
  • Better blood circulation in the legs
  • Faster Healing of leg Ulcers
  • Better Mood
  • Reduce the risk of life-style illnesses due to immobility.
  • Faster Rehabilitation

The exercise bike fits into almost any living room

Well Made Danish Design. Built to last for many years. All the details are thought in depth, so you are assured to get a stable and satisfactory solution.

  • Designed in Denmark
    • The Training bike fits in homes around the world, nursing homes and hospitals..
  • Hand Built in Denmark
    • The Quality is thereby ensured
    • Manufacturing in Denmark contributes to Danish jobs
    • It is easy to service and there is no waiting time for any spare parts if needed.
  • The bike is Designed for 10 years of use, 6 hours a day
    • The Bike is the only one in its class for both professional and private use
    • The Bike is reliable
    • The Bike is CE marked as sporting device.

The Combi Bike has wheels with bearings that ensure low resistance when moving between Living room and room. Many of our customers have the bike in the living room where they are staying, and they use it while watching TV, reading newspaper or watching their ipad.

The built-in discrete and easy-to-read display ensures that the bike easily falls into regular living rooms, as the bike, by virtue of its design, does not protrude high.

In use, our LEMCO COMBI BIKE is virtually silent. In The design process, we have focused on usability and that you can use it in your own home/nursing home without the training being a disruptive element.

The exercise bike is easy to operate

The Training cycle should be easy to understand and easy to operate in order for it to be used. We have tested and adjusted the bike to suit as many users as possible.

If you are between 1.50 meters and 1.90 meters tall, the bike is ideal for you.

Pedals and handles are designed so that they do not bump into each other during training.

As something unique, the resistance and lock can be operated by the therapist/a helper without having to bend down between the legs of the citizen, and the citizen can control the resistance by means of the same handle at the stomach height.

The Resistance control Lever is designed with a built-in brake that is stepless and facilitates entry and exit by stopping the rotation of handles and footcups.

Ergonomic handles

The Handheld is designed so that you have three options for a good grip during training.

  • Ergonomic Vertical Grip
    • The Grip provides large and wide motion radius
    • Diameter 105 mm
  • Horizontal Grip
    • Good to start with
    • Easy to fix hand with ex. New Latex Tapes
    • Easy to hold, even with poor wrist stability
    • Diameter 105 mm
  • Kile Grip
    • If you have damaged hand and thereby reduced grip function, this grip can be extra good to use.

The Bike comes assembled ready for use

Many may be worried about having to receive a training bike in assembly kits, we will secure you against that.

Our LEMCO COMBI BIKE PLUS is produced in Denmark, therefore we have chosen to make “green deliveries” where the bike is placed on a Europa Pallet full assembled, ready for use.

There must be at least two adult persons to lift the bike into place as it must be taken by the pallet.

In the living room/at the nursing home the bike can be moved on the built-in wheels over short distances, exesmpelvis linoleum/plane hardwood floors.

Friendly service

The use is optimized on the new Combi Bike Plus so that the handle can be operated by the staff/helper.

It is also easy to see the resistance level at a distance for personnel in the location of the handle is easy to see remotely.

Designed and optimised for wheelchairs and wheelchair users

LEMCO Combi Bike Plus works with virtually any of the following:

  • Fixed Frame Wheelchairs
  • Regular Wheelchairs
  • Transport Wheelchairs
  • Many Electric Wheelchair Chairs
  • Dining Table Chairs
  • VELA chairs with brake

And many others…

You can get close to the training bike yourself with:

  • Electric Wheelchair
  • Fixed Frame Wheelchairs
  • Regular Chairs

If the wheelchair tends to slip backwards during exercise, it may be due to several reasons such as:

  • Weight of Wheelchair
  • Wheelchair position of wheel
  • The Amount of air in the wheelchair’s wheel
  • Forces in the legs and arms of the user

Then A holder can be mounted on the bicycle, whereby the bicycle and wheelchair can be fastened to each other during training using a strong Velcro strap. In some cases, This can even be done by the citizen himself.

The Pedals of the LEMCO COMBI BIKE PLUS are designed so that they easily go free of the wheelchair frame by fixed frame wheelchairs. Similarly, the design is optimized for the bike to also be used with electric wheelchair.

The Oblique design ensures that the foot is supported stable during training.

The Pedals can be used both with and without shoes.

The white plastic Robe of impact-solid ABS is designed so that the legs can slip up the side of the bike during training if the legs tend to pull themselves against each other under the trainer.

All edges are soft and rounded.

One-handed Velcro straps as an accessory

We have optimised the fastening of the foot with velcro straps so that you can fasten the Velcro with just one hand.

If you need extra Velcro straps for the front foot in addition to the one set included, these can be ordered in our webshop.

The Velcro is placed on the side of the footbed and is obliquated, thereby reducing the risk of the citizen setting foot on the Velcro band. The hand-operated Velcro straps relieve the staff and help the user to dismantle the Velcro by bending down or using a gripping pliers themselves.

Leg Supports as Accessories

Our many years of experience show that the pedals are so good that in most cases, no leg supports are needed. That is Why we have chosen to make the leg supports as accessories. They can be retrofitted to the pedals at any time with just a single screw.

The Leg Supports come with velcro straps around the leg.

Extra Safe to use

The Bike is designed completely from scratch, with the safety of both user and therapists/helpers in mind.

Therefore, our pedal arms are rounded and sharp edges are designed away. 20 years of experience in wheelchair user training are built into the product. Nothing is random on our bike.

Many elderly people have delicate and thin skin, so it is particularly important that there is no damage to the skin, hands, feet and legs during training.

The Pedals are designed to reduce the risk of the pedal heel encountering the shin when you need to get your feet in and out of the pedals.

Non-slip specially designed feet in natural rubber

Virtually Nothing on the bike is standard components apart from screws straps and bolts.

Each part of our bike is designed, tested and adjusted to ensure satisfaction both in terms of user friendliness and in terms of strength and visual impact.

Even The rubber feet are designed kompromiløst not to rub off on the floor, and ensure good grip on both wood flooring, linoleum, carpets and tiles.

Easy-to-Read display with backlight


The Screen displays with large clear numbers that automatically change during training:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Total mileage since the bike was delivered
    • Total mileage is also remembered after changing the battery.
    • Total mileage allows you to keep the weekly “log” over mileage with progress.

A short sound is given when the button is pressed…

Hand Built in Helsingør

At Our workshop in Helsingør, we build every single bike. Do you Have special wishes for appearance, contact us.

It may be you want logo on the side of the bike if it is donated by a fund, or a picture of a dog or grass bed. Everything can be done against payment for the extra cost we get by fulfilling your specific request.

On Our unique bike, you can put your individual expression. We are a small company so if you can help us spread the word about our fantastic help for wheelchair users and poor walking, then link like to us:

Accessories for the training cycle

Few are in need of leg supports, which is why we have chosen to supply leg supports as extra accessories so that you do not have to pay for anything in the closet.

A set of leg supports costs DKK 1,243,-including VAT

The Training bike is delivered on a pallet.

This saves the environment to a lot of unnecessary cardboard and wrapping.
When ordering more than 3 bicycles, they are delivered with handles and feet dismantled. Assembly takes approx. 4 minutes per Bike.

The Training bike is easy to clean

As a professional and private, it is good to know that the bike is easy to clean.

The handles can be off-alcohol and the bicycle can be wiped off the outside with disinfectants and/or soapy water with Sulfo.

The Bike is easy to reuse when it is finished in use in many years.

The Bicycle consists of:

  • Reusable suitable Iron
  • Aluminum
  • ABS Plastic
  • Approx. 100 grams of electronics
  • Approx. 100 grams of rubber

The Price of our fantastic workout bike

The Training bike is designed to last many years both privately and in use in rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. Do not lubricated the Bicycle.

Therefore, there is no need for service contract on the bike, a cost that many other manufacturers invoice their customers.



  • The Bike is delivered fully assembled
    • Then you should just get started “using it”…
    • Only a pallet that can be reused, no expensive packaging, we have used the development money on features, quality and design not on packaging…
  • Unique Swing wheel to help your feet move smoothly
    • The BEAT Technology is designed to ensure stable operation and optimum assistance, also for amputees and paraplegics.
  • The Bike has one hand-operated Velcro straps
    • You only need to use one hand to put the Velcro on.
  • Longevity
    • Designed with unique strong materials to avoid maintenance. Design goal is 10 years of daily use
  • Unique and Logical operation
    • The Operation is logical and includes resistance from 0 to 9 as well as a brake, both assembled in a readily understandable handle.
    • The Handle can be operated by the therapist standing without the need to bow down over the citizen.
    • The Operation does not require gripping function, and can be switched with a slight push, up or down.
    • The position of the Handle shows the therapist resistance level-also from distance !
  • Fits both individuals and for business use  !
    • Nice design to have standing in the living room, strong enough for daily use at the Clinic/nursing Home
    • The Beech leaves on the sides create life and give the mood of vitality and hope.
  • Reading-friendly display
    • Large, easy-to-read numbers show distance, time, speed and total mileage and change automatically during training.
    • A button on the display protects against misunderstandings and error pressures.
    • The Display is built into the bike to provide a clear view for example. TV or our Video Rehab Activity videos
    • Backlight display that activates at startup and by pressing the button so it’s extra easy to look forward.
  • Stable rubber feet that do not infect for ex. Wood flooring
    • Specially designed rubber feet in grey natural rubber that does not infect.
  • Easy to move around
    • Wheels on the foot towards the user make it easy to move around on ordinary hard floors. For helper/relatives.
  • One Hand operated Velcro Straps
    • Velcro with happiness that makes them easy to put on and take off, even with a hand
    • The Footcups are designed so well that the majority of our customers do not need velcro to hold the foot firmly.
  • Handle with three grip options
    • The Delicious handles allow for a total of three different grips
    • The handles can be disinfected with disinfection napkins.
  • Suitable for fixed frame wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs
    • The Exercising bike is designed so you can get up close, even with fixed frame wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs.
  • Leg Supports as Accessories
    • The Footcups are so good that the 80 uses the bike without leg supports. Why We supply them as accessories
  • Made in Denmark
    • You support Danish crafts, it is the absolute safest and best training bike for active wheelchair users in the world
    • Developed, produced and sold exclusively at LEMCO Rehab & Fysio and a few selected resellers
  • Danish Design
    • Ensures that it fits well in both therapies and nursing homes
    • Cheerful colors send an optimistic message of vitality and prosperity.
    • Safety in use and operation is thought from the start
    • Strong and durable design
  • Danish developed welfare technology that contributes to Danish welfare
    • Denmark has a unique position in the market for welfare technology, it cemented here with our fantastic bike.

Many improvements compared to our previous version-besides the fact that the bike is now produced in Denmark

  1. Pedals Easier to get in and out of
  2. Pedals: Optimised for fixed frame wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs
  3. Display: Only One button protects against confusion
  4. Display: Backlit Light-readable display
  5. Operation: Newly Developed operation with 10 resistance levels
  6. Operation: Can be operated standing by therapist for better working environment
  7. Brake: Stepless stopping of rotation for easy and onboarding with safety stops
  8. Appearance: “Optimistic” design that can easily stand in a living room/therapy.
  9. Security: Sharp edges on the pedal arms are rounded, making the use safe
  10. Pincing Risks: Risk of pinching is reduced by smart design and integrated display
  • And many more… Contact US and ask!


Danish Produced World-class training bike for use from chair or wheelchair

Do You need maintenance exercises after e.g. blood clot in the brain or eg. stroke, and the rehabilitation offered by the municipality is not enough, it may be an idea to supplement with a LEMCO Combi Bike Plus. The Training bike is very easy to use. Your physiotherapist is often ready to go on home visits and help you get started with the right exercise.

The exercise bike is unique and available only at LEMCO, and can be used by virtually everyone also:

  • Semi-Signed paralysed
  • Paraplegics (lamb from life and down)
  • Tetra Plegicians (lambs from the chest and down)

Typically, you have a little strength in the legs/arms, and even very few forces are enough to get the whole body moving due to a special built-in technology.

Therefore, you often do not need an exercise bike with an engine, but you can use our exercising cycle with a better outcome.



If you doubt our exerciser will work with your wheelchair or disease ?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help with advice +45 3325 4002

Carsten-Lemche ceo lemco

About Carsten Lemche

CEO og Opfinder af LEMCO Combi Bike Plus, sengecykel m.v.Jeg har arbejdet med træning og hjælpemidler siden 1985. Jeg er fascineret af hvor meget jeg kan ændre et menneskes liv, ved at give mulighed for at træne i fysioterapi eller i eget hjem. Jeg bruger meget tid på at forstå mine kunders behov, og arbejder hver dag for at udvikle og producere de bedste løsninger til mennesker i kørestol, og meget dårlig gående. Det vil glæde mig også at hjælpe dig.

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