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B´fit mini Quality Pedal Exerciser

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B´fit mini Quality Pedal Exerciser is unique with Special Foot Supporters to be used from chair or wheelchair.

The resistance is magnetic and patented. It ensures a smooth movement of the feet.

The Unique Included Special pedals with heel support makes the exerciser a genius solution to keep exercising for people at home.

Typically people using rollators or wheelchair users. This exerciser cannot be compared to the cheap exercisers in bended steel pipes.

In stock

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Best pedal exerciser for elderly and handicapped people.

Problems sitting on an exerciser with a saddle?

Our b´fit mini quality pedal exerciser with pedals with heel support is the answer !

The risk of falling off an saddle is reduced to zero – And the feet are kept on the pedals by the extra good pedals with heel support.

Our exerciser is unique and made only for us.

The exerciser is almost impossible to wear out, and the best solution if you have any handicap where you cannot use an ordinary exercise bike.

Please note that this bike is only made by us, and available nowhere else.

Our mini exerciser have quality magnetic resistance, and will work for years.

The bike is defacto standard in elderly homes in Denmark and in hundreds of individual homes across the country. We export to France, Finland and several other countries in Europe.

Pedals with velcro are included.

The pedal is the best pedal available anywhere. There is probably no need for velcro, but it comes with the bike.

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