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Crutch – Nice Design – Light in weight

The crutch is beautifully designed and light as few other crutches. A crutch for the demanding user. The height of the crutch can be adjusted steplessly as it is designed in one piece. The handle can be moved steplessly. The fact that there are no moving parts ensures the crutch does not rattle - order the crutch in the size approximately appropriate to your height - and "adjust" the last cm. yourself with the allen key. of the handle for when you get it. For adjusting the handle comes with a small allen-key. And then the crutch in aluminum is very light - just 400 grams. The crutch is super strong and can hold 140 kg. per crutch, so it can be used by people up to 140 kg when using two crutches.

We have been chosen as a Danish distributor by these fantastic crutches. We deliver these crutches worldwide from our office in Denmark.

You can order just one crutch from us! (remember Tornado ferules - the crutches comes with standard ferules)

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