Our solutions are used by both rehabilitation centers
and by individuals who want better quality of life.
Our BEAT Technology disrupts the market
for electrical exercisers.

It motivates us to see how exercising with
simple means can change people’s lives for the better !

We love to see the joy our rehabilitation-bikes provide when a wheelchair user experience that they can move their legs again.

We are largely driven by the positive feedback from our customers when – often – after just 14 days, that they love our exercisers and the daily training has become a regular part of daily life.

When we later hear – that the progress continues –
I re-experience the joy that drives me and the whole effort makes sense!


Dialysis departments have been using our previous Bed Bike for many years, but now we have chosen to develop and manufacture the ultimate version of bed cycling. We designed the Bed Bike so it is easy to use, easy to clean and lightweight in weight.

The Bed Bike is mounted on the bedside with the help of an innovative rubber bracket that simultaneously acts as a lever when moving the bike between the hospital beds. When using bed cycles during hospitalization or in connection with dialysis, you reduce the risk of blood clots in your legs and at the same time reduce the loss of muscle strength that you just need when you are discharged into your own home.

Therefore, Bed Biking makes sense in hospital sections where patients are hospitalized for longer periods of time and for dialysis patients.


Our major development project from 2014 to 2018 was to develop a Exercise bike that appeals to the large group of people with neurological and physical illnesses, where exercise is rendered impossible by disability, and where only solution was to move the body by using a motor, Expensive and arduous Exercise Bike with motor.

That’s why I invented THE LEMCO Combi Bike Plus Exercise bike where 99% of all wheelchair users realize the benefits of having just tried the bike for 10 seconds. People who can not take a step or are lame from the navel and down can train with my new exercise bike.

Exercise is a human right for all walking people, but an impossibility for many wheelchair users, to be able to do in an easy and accessible way in their own homes.

In the Past, exercise bikes were both expensive and big shutches, we’ve changed that!


Horse Riding Machines for people with mobility disabilities are a winner.

Many years ago Panasonic invented a Horse Riding Machine: JOBA Core Trainer. Panasonic has supplied us these machines for years, but because they are so big and the sales was declining, they stopped manufacturing these exercisers. That’s why I invented THE LEMCO Core Trainer Advanced with an existing manufacturer of fitness Horse Riding Machines in Korea. They changed to my directions and we are now able to supply the alternative to Panasonic Joba Core Trainer EU 7805

We deliver these machines all over Europe and they are not comparable to the cheap chineese exercisers on amazon or Ebay. We provide a valid CE Mark for our trainers.

We will be happy to help you or your child with a Core Trainer – Contact us for details. 

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Movement is healthy, experience it again!

Christopher Dupont
Carsten Lemche

Anyone can develop something expensive and complicated.

My design philosophy is that our solutions must be simple and functional.

We are not finished developing before having removed all unnesseary parts and by doint this we create solutions that work and are used.

Carsten Lemche CEO, Inventor

We would like to help you!

Exercise bikes for Rehabilitation – And for Exercising in hospital beds