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LEMCO Core Trainer

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Stimulates and strengthens core stability for handicapped children and youngsters. Well suited for CP Children.

Three different movements characterise this horse riding saddle. Our Core Trainer cannot be compared to the cheap horse riding machines from China.

Contact us for information about the difference between this core trainer and Panasonic JOBA Core Trainer. 


Daily training with the LEMCO Core Trainer strengthens the core of handicapped children. Our Horse Riding Machine is suitable for CP and institutional usage.

Our Core Trainer cannot be compared to the cheap Chinese horse riding machines for children in quality and movements, this is comparable and in many ways surpasses the former Panasonic JOBA Core Trainer.

Three training programs and eight speed levels, from very slow to a medium speed.
  1. The three programs creates stability, strength and smoothness of the body. We often see a better walking pattern when the core trainer has been used as daily exercises for handicapped children.
  2. A unique 3D movement technology is built in this Core Trainer, the movement does not ressemble any other core trainer on the market, and has been developed with the idea of making the best core trainer on the market.
  3. The saddle is easier to sit on than the former JOBA Core Trainer.
We have several users of the LEMCO Core Trainer that prefers this machine in comparison with the JOBA Core Trainer from Panasonic. 
El træningssaddel til spastikere

The three movement modes of this saddle

  1. Standard: Become familiar with the Horse Riding Machine and learn to sit with optimal positure. Calm movements back and forth with a to each side
  2. Circular: Rotating movements without back and forth movement. A good balance exercise without being too hard.
  3. 3D & Training: Balance training and muscle build up. Smooth and very gentle movement, but still very effective.

All three movements have 8 speed levels.

LEMCO CORE TRAINER – The effective supplement to horse riding for handicapped people.

Contact us at +45 3325 4002 for further information about the LEMCO CORE TRAINER.

We will be happy to explain how this machine can supplement handicap riding / Handicap physiotherapy.

Special developed saddle, with optimal seating comfort.

  1. Pillows incorporated in the saddle, ensures best and most secure seating
  2. The saddle can be wiped with a soft humid cloth for cleaning.
  3. Easy to use, easy to undestand and safe to use.
  4. Easy to read display shows which of the three modes is in use.
  5. Duration of training, 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the movements can be reactivated. No rest is needed for this professional horse riding machine.
  6. Wheels and handles makes the machine easy to move over short distances.
  7. Stable on the floor

LEMCO CORE TRAINER Advanced: Weight 42 Kg

Maks user-weight: 100 kg.

The Core Trainer is delivered ready to use with

  1. Stirups
  2. User manual
  3. 220-240V Cable

Call us for shipping quote in Europe.

As experts in these professional horse riding machines, don´t hesitate to call us to understand the difference in this Core Trainer compared to the Panasonic JOBA Core Trainer and the cheap Chinese horse back riding machines with dubious CE marking.

Enquire about Lemco Core Trainer vs. JOBA Core Trainer

carsten Lemche

Get help by phone

Call us on phone: +45 33 25 40 02

Or E-mail us: info@lemco.dk

Additional information

Weight49 kg
Dimensions50 × 93 × 87 cm
Core Trainer Version

LEMCO Core Trainer Basic,  LEMCO Core Trainer Plus


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