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LEMCO Core Trainer Advanced

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ElectricCore Trainer horse riding simulator for anyone who needs to strengthen the muscles of the upper body due to accident or, for example, Congenital disabilities.

Many with functional impairments use handicap horse riding once a week, here, in addition to disability riding can be trained every day-several times-and this at home independent of the day of the week.

A Horse Riding Machine can stimulate balance, and through daily training, the riding coach strengthens the upper body using the effective ride movements.

Thus, Horse Riding Simulator is often a good addition to physiotherapy.

Note: Max 100 kg.

Please Contact us for testing. Contact US


Daily training with The Core Trainer for stronger children & adolescents

Strong enough for institutional use. Special School, Special kindergarten etc.

Daily riding movements can be made with the Lemco Core Trainer, where balance and torso are trained.
The Balance is stimulated which helps to increase the stability of the upper body. The ride machine simulates the movements of a horse.

The LEMCO Core Trainer strengthens for a better time by using the latest 3D technology.

When Riding the saddle, the horse’s movements are transferred to your joints and muscles: Forward, back, left, right, up and down. The Rider responds to this “beneficial rhythm” (walking speed: 90-120 impulses per minute).

The Movement trains the posture of the torso, prepares the body balance and overtones the muscle tone. The Horse is used by many with cp, as it reduces spasticity in the legs in a natural way-just as with handicap riding-here just without waiting-and many times a day/week gives extra big results.

Three training programs with eight speeds are built Into the horse riding machine LEMCO CORE TRAINER Advanced.
The Three exercise programs build stability and strength, flexibility and improve balance.
Electric Training saddle for children with CP - LEMCO Core Trainer

Standard Exercise: Lets the novice get used to the riding motions. Calm, balanced movements to the side and forwards.

Circle Training: Rotating motion which can operate independently of the riding movement. A good balance exercise without too much challenge.

3d &Amp; Training: Balance training and muscle building. The Movement is calm and pleasant, but also very effective.

All three movements have 8 speed levels.

Contact us at 3325 4002 for further information on how Lemco CORE TRAINERcan complement disability ride physiotherapy and help improve the strength and balance of daily life.

LEMCO CORE TRAINER Advanced-Riding Trainer as a supplement or alternative to Riding fysiotherapy

Special ergonomic saddle that helps to be better stuck during training

  • The Horse Riding Machine has rubber supports at the legs, they help to sit firmly
  • The Ride saddle can be wiped with a damp cloth after use if you leak a little
  • The Operation of the “horse” is simple, safe and user-friendly
  • Easily visible display shows which of the three workout movements are selected
  • Exercise duration 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, a new training session can be started, no requirement for waiting time when the saddle electronics will cool off as with other coaches.
  • Wheels and handles help to move the ridesadlen around short distances
  • The Ride Simulator is stable on the floor

LEMCO CORE TRAINER Advanced: Weight 42 Kg

Maximum user weight on the saddle: 100 kg.

The Horse riding machine can be sought as an aid for families using the state-paid home training scheme.

The Electric Horse comes complete with:

  1. Stirrups
  2. User manual
  3. 220V Cable
  4. instruction Manual (english)

Additional information

Weight49 kg
Dimensions50 × 93 × 87 cm


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