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LEMCO Combi Bike

//LEMCO Combi Bike

LEMCO Combi Bike

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LEMCO Combi Bike – is the ultimative Exercise bike, ensuring wheelchair users and people with mobile disabilities an opportunity maintain the body’s muscles and blood circulation during arms and legs training.

95% – 98% of those persons, that think they need a trainingbike with motor, can actually benefit from this solution, because they are able to use their arms to create a rotation that move their legs, and that fact can actually result in a cost reduduction on 3500 € + compared to motorised support bikes.

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Delivery of this Combi Bike is no longer possible. New Combi Bike in 2018 for Europe.

The Lemco Combi Bike exercise bike is delivered as unassembled and by courier. When it arrives, it takes approximately 10 minutes to assemble. The collection consists of screw feet on the bike , and fixed mount lever. Our customers tell us that it is easy to assemble. If you wish personal delivery and collection you should contact us .

Training with exercise bike, in physiotherapy or in nursing homes

A Lemco Combi Bike can both work at home, in physiotherapy or eg in a nursing home, where it can be placed in the living room or in the hallways or furnished training rooms. One can Excelent complement rehabilitation or maintenance training with a Lemco Combi Bike and get exercise when it fit’s in one program. With over 30 years of experience, we provide you with advice and share our experiences from other customers.

No other arm leg trainer is better than our arm leg trainer! Call us and ask why!

Security, ergonomics and high quality
In the development of this exercise bike, the emphasis was invested on both safety and excellent quality. Read more about the variety of options and features including


LEMCO Combi Bike has effect on spasms

Reduced spasms at an attractive price, and it’s easy to use for everyone, Erik Lemche invented the word Spasmeknuser ( Spasm cruncher) in the 1990s when it turned out that training with auxiliary reduced nuisance by many neuroligisk diseases. In addition, the fantastic associated with cardiovascular and can help to keep the weight down .

Display, that motivates for cycling

In front of the bike is a display that can display current speed, distance traveled, how long you have run and calorie consumption .*.

*esitmated consumption

These “elements of competition ” is motivating for many people , and can help to continue the training of arms and legs benefit the body .

8 different resistance levels for both light and heavy training

It is easy to adjust the resistance so that you get the training to suit one’s forces and needs. You just turn the controller that is placereret practically in front of a and one should not bow down or straining to switch resistance on the exercise bike.

The resistance is magnetic, and therefore completely silent and it requires no significant maintenance. The amazing flywheel slips around and one might think that there must hide a motor inside the exercise bike.

The exercise bike can easily be moved over short distance

Lemco Combi bike is easy to move. The two small wheels makes it possible to transport over shorter distance to transfer. Note it, is not intended for transport over hardwood floors, lacquered floors as in some cases it may indent . Here we recommend you use a “dog” as this makes moving easy. Exercise bike is removable – over short distances wheels makes the exercise bike can be moved over short distances.

Fixation of Paretic hands

If you find it difficult to stick with example a paralysed hand, it can be fixed with a NYLATEX band by an assistant. The tape is available as an accessory and can be bought in this shop. It is produced with a special Velcro, which makes it easy to mount. NYLATEX bands are available in different sizes. Moreover, the accompanying leg, is used to keep the restless leg fixated.

Size & weight of LEMCO Combi exercise bike

Size in deliverybox:
The transportbox is:
Width: 103 cm.
Height: 120 cm.
Depth: 21 cm.
Weight transportbox included: 55 kg


Size assembled:
Total Height: 130 cm
Width: 53 cm
Length: 110 cm
Radius: 10,5 cm / 12,5 cm
Weight: 45 kg

Resellers and Dealers of LEMCO COMBI BIKE

The Combi Bike is also sold offline in Finland, Holland, Frankrig and Sweden. Contact us for dealer information.
Any further questions rearding our exerciser bike. Please contact us at + 45 3325 4002

Additional information

Weight 55.00 kg
Dimensions 128 × 103 × 21 cm


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