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Dictus Dropfoot Orthosis (original)

Dictus Dropfoot band lifts the forefoot and is suitable for people who find that a drop foot rail is too cumbersome, works poorly - provides stiff walking or if you just want to wear regular lace-up shoes even if you have a drop foot. Denmark's best and cheapest dictus bands The same band is sold at several stores at the 3 x price. You don't need a professional to take aim at your Dictus band. The band is available in four sizes, it is easy to measure the circumference of your leg. By municipal grant there is free supplier choice - buy your band from us and you are sure that you will get the original Dictus band. There are cheaper copies in circulation! A WinWin solution... for you with drop foot. Dictus should always be tried first before expensive rigid drop foot rails... Note - We stock-driver only: The original good durable soft leather Dictus band! Everything you see in the picture is included in the package with the band (except my foot and band measure)
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