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Crutch with ergonomic handle and shock absorber

The crutch has an advanced shock absorber. Crutch in stock for quick delivery. The price is per crutch. Minimum sale is two crutches.

Crutch – Nice Design – Light in weight

The crutch is beautifully designed and light as few other crutches. A crutch for the demanding user. The height of the crutch can be adjusted steplessly as it is designed in one piece. The handle can be moved steplessly. The fact that there are no moving parts ensures the crutch does not rattle - order the crutch in the size approximately appropriate to your height - and "adjust" the last cm. yourself with the allen key. of the handle for when you get it. For adjusting the handle comes with a small allen-key. And then the crutch in aluminum is very light - just 400 grams. The crutch is super strong and can hold 140 kg. per crutch, so it can be used by people up to 140 kg when using two crutches.

We have been chosen as a Danish distributor by these fantastic crutches. We deliver these crutches worldwide from our office in Denmark.

You can order just one crutch from us! (remember Tornado ferules - the crutches comes with standard ferules)

Ultra light crutch in Carbon only 230 grams

The crutch in carbon is quite unique in its class with its just 230 grams it is an ultra lightweight crutch - but also extremely strong ! With its exclusive curved and oval design shaped to the anatomy of the body, the crutch's silicone handhold is designed to provide a good and safe ergonomic grip.

Carbon Elbow Stick is handmade in Spain.

The carbon crutch has steplessly adjustable height of handle and cuffs (with an unbracco key) so that the crutch can be adapted to your individual need. The unique thing in addition to the low weight of the crutch is that the crutch is designed in a piece of carbon, and thus the crutch does not click and is therefore silent when walking. The carbon crutch has a slight spring ring when walking so that it is not a "stiff hard" carbon crutch as you might think. Our satisfaction guarantee on the elbow sticks ensures that you can return the crutches within 7 days and get a refund if you do not love your luxury carbon crutches !

Crutches for children – Beautiful and well-functioning crutches

Beautiful and lightweight design crutches for children and youngsters. A crutch for the child who wants a unique crutch. Simple height adjustment of handle - no rattling parts. Ergonomic handle with silicone cover. Order the crutch to the size that fits the child's height and slightly adjust the handle up/down yourself. This is most easily done by measuring the height from the ground to the upper side of the handle on existing crutches and from the ground and to the upper side of the crutch armband. Then we build your personal crutch that fits you perfectly! Add Tornado ferrule and you'll get a crutch in class...

Crutches from LEMCO


We provide good quality crutches that really help people.. We don’t supply poor quality crutches as the free ones you get from the hospital.

Spend some money on one of the best crutches in the world. Hundreds of clients have chosen to buy a good crutch and don’t regret it.

Please ask for advice to choose the best crutch for your need.