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Tornado ferrules for crutch from Thomas Fetterman

 31,00 incl. VAT ex Moms  24,80
"Non-slip" ferrules Tornado for crutches. Fits Indesmed crutches and aluminum elbow sticks and ultra light crutches in carbon fiber ! The tornado ferrules can also be mounted on the Ergodynamic crutches with "spring" handles. The price is per pcs. Minimum purchase is 2 pieces of ferrules.

Wall Hanger for LEMCO Bed Bike

 200,00 800,00
The Wall hanger for the LEMCO BedBike allows you to hang the bike on the wall - away from the contaminated floor. The Wall Hanger ensures that the exerciser does not occupy space on ex. Tables and reduces the risk of falling on the floor from tables with wheels.

Combi Bike Plus Battery

 11,66 75,00
The battery compartment on the Combi Bike Plus is located in the bottom of the exerciser. Tilt the exerciser and the battery can be removed. It is hidden behind a battery compartment that is kept in place with a magnet. Just lift up the battery holder. Note that on some of the bikes tools must be used, others the hatch is held firmly with a magnet. On the BedBike the battery compartment is below the handle. Attached with a magnet, it easily flips up when the handle is fully closed (least opening of the handle)

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