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Lemco Combi Bike

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Arm and Leg Trainer

New trainer to be released in 2017. Please contact us for news.

For users of wheelchairs and people needing rehabilitation

Whole body Exerciser for a reasonable price compared to the motorized electrical training bikes.

Train at home, hospital or physiotherapy with LEMCO Combi Bike

Many of our customers who are searching for a motorised training bike, finds the LEMCO Combi Bike more effective and satisfying, because of the built in flywheel which provides a smooth movement and that the bike is easy to use and yet very effective for many neurological diseases. Diseases that includes MS, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, rehabilitation after stroke and brain damages.

Lemco Combi Bike exerciser for wheelchair users

Discontined: Please check our LEMCO Combi Bike Plus Arm-leg trainer.

How to get a LEMCO Combi Bike

No other bike has the same features and benefits than LEMCO Combi Bike, worldwide…
Call us and ask which are the benefits.

More information about LEMCO Combi Bike

Training at home is important

To train at home should be possible for everybody.. Now it is…

When following a rehabilitation program some days can be harder than other, and some people wish to train more intensively than what is provided from the government or council. Training is important and several studies shows that it is almost impossible to overtrain after having a stroke or other brain injuries, as well as training for neurological patients shows to be increasingly important.

70% of our customers are individuals which requires supplemental training at home.

The bike can be used in living room, as it is quiet and not as big as shown on the pictures.

Training for handicapped people

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