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3 important solutions that can help a better life if you are a wheelchair user or have a walking disability

I would be delighted to be able to help you as I have helped thousands of others to a better life. Once you have tried our solution, you will have no doubt that the extra money given for quality pays off both in the short and the long course.

I have a guarantee of satisfaction and price guarantee. We are both cheapest and best. There are no better solutions, nor in spite of the fact that other solutions are more expensive – and if that is the case there is, of course, the right of return the product for a credit


GBP 2.200,- ex. vat

Our quality exercise bike is guessed by scientists and professional physiotherapists to cost between 6.000 and 12.000 Pounds.

It is great to be able to offer a quality solution at this low price.

It is only when you try the bike that you understand how groundbreaking it is.

The Bike is completely silent and provides a completely silent and smooth movement that feels good and strengthens the body.


GBP 1.100,-Ex. vat

The Bed-bike is groundbreaking developed and produced in Denmark.

The Bed bike is designed so that it is easily mounted on the hospital bed using an innovative handle developed and refined for a long time.

The Bed bike is easy to handle for nurses and staff.

In many cases, Relatives can help mount the exercise bike on the bed, so training/rehabilitation can be started very early.

The Training may prevent muscle loss, and help you get stronger home to your own house and thus reduce the risk of falls.


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