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LEMCO Fysio Rehab

LEMCO Fysio Rehab
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Lemco Combi Bike

  • Increased blood Circulation
  • Suited for rehabilitation
  • Made for wheelchair users
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Lemco B´Fit mini

Best pedal bike with magnetic brake
  • Unique pedals with heel support
  • Patented resistance and flywheel
  • Stands well on the floor
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Revolution Chair

  • Turns 90 degrees to accomodate the user
  • Turns and slides to the table
  • Suitable for people with reduced mobility
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Revolution chair from LEMCO assists elderly to seat at tables

We deliver to resellers and individuals all over Europe.

Please email us if you are interested in becoming a reseller of the Revolution Chair if you are located in Europe.

The video is in Danish, an English version will follow shortly. 

The Revolution Chair from LEMCO –
The smart way of sitting

Customer testimonials

I have had MS since 2001 and been using a wheelchair since the beginning of the disease. I gained quite a lot of kilos and it had a gig impact on the people around me. I went to the MS hospital and this made a turning point. They have two LEMCO Combi Bikes and that was just what I was missing.

I bought one for myself, and now I am biking from 20 to 30 km every day. It has increased my metabolism, so I have lost 25kg and feel much better physically and psychologically.

Birthe Christensen
Your fine LEMCO Combi bike is daily fun with exercises We proudly showing off when the opportunity comes up as if we ourselves are the inventors / makers
Bertien Vogel, Netherlands
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